2YO Partnership Pathway

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The 2 Year Old Partnership Pathway developed jointly by the Local Authority, Health, Early Help and Children and Family Centre services works together to give Waltham Forest families the best start in their children’s lives.

Families will have opportunities to meet professionals from different services who will support, advise and guide them. Every professional has a unique role to play but are working together as one around the family.

The intention of this pathway is to give Waltham Forest families the best start in their children’s lives by working together and using or collective knowledge and expertise to:

  • Identify children who have developmental delay
  • Identify families that would benefit from additional support
  • Provide information about and encourage the use of universal services
  • Empower families in their role as the prime educators of their children and the major influence on their child’s learning
  • Offer holistic support and timely and appropriate intervention services
  • Make appropriate, timely and quality referrals to targeted & specialist services
  • Encourage the take up of early education services in a School or Ofsted registered childcare provision

Families are encouraged to:

When children and families work with different services, professionals working with them can ensure there is effective support, advice and guidance which will improve the life chances for all the residents in Waltham Forest.

Download the 2YO Partnership Pathway poster.

The NELFT Universal 0 to 19 Services offer families regular health and development reviews (health visitor checks). Families are encouraged to attend their child’s 24 Month Health Review.

The journey begins for the child and family with the The NELFT Universal 0 to 19 Team when the family are offered a 24 Month Health Review (ASQ3).  All professionals must be encouraging families with 2YOs to have this health review as this is the first step in the pathway where any additional needs are identified and families are offered support.

At this Health Review any concerns regarding the child’s health, learning or development are followed up. This may be within the The NELFT Universal 0 to 19 Team or the child’s information will be shared with the required services to support any additional needs. This may include universal services within the Children and Family Centre or targeted support for more complex needs with  NELFT Specialist Children's Health Services.

All families are encouraged to register and access Children and Family Centre Services and to consent to share information about their Health Review with LBWF Early Years and Childcare team and Children and Family Centre Services. Consenting to share the information is vital as this leads the family onto the next step of the pathway where the The NELFT Universal 0 to 19 Team share the Health Review and parent/cares contact information each month with the services who offer further support and advice to the family.

Preparing children for school is a priority for Waltham Forest Council’s Early Years, Childcare and Business Development service and the borough’s school nurseries and Ofsted registered childcare providers. We know that this is also likely to be a priority for you. We recognise parents and carers are the most important educators, particularly at this stage of your child’s development. By you working together with teachers and early years professionals, your child will learn, develop and thrive!

All children develop at their own pace ‘What to expect, when?’ is a booklet that helps you as a parent/carer to  find out more about how your child is learning and developing during their first five years.

With parents, carers, teachers and early years professionals working together children will be supported based on their individual needs. For some children, this may mean also working with health professionals, creating individualised support plans and additional Special Educational Needs/Disability (SENIF) funding.

Around 30% of 2 year olds in the Borough are entitled to up to 15 hours a week of free childcare. These hours can be flexible, and your child can do as many or few as you need. In Waltham Forest, we call this free early education entitlement (FEEE).

When your child attends their school nursery or childcare provider, they will experience high quality and fun activities to help them become confident and successful learners. Your child will be able to play, paint, read, cook, climb, sing, dance, dress up, or anything they enjoy doing. But most of all, your child is learning with other children, making friends and having fun!

So that as many families benefit from this as possible, we encourage all parents and carers to apply for their child’s free early education place and take up their free early education entitlement place.

The Council’s Early Years, Childcare and Business Development service provide information, advice and training to nurseries, preschools, nursery schools and childminders to support them in delivering high quality, inclusive and safe provision. Two key achievements that we pride ourselves on in Waltham Forest are:

  • As of March 2020, 95% of school nurseries and childcare providers in Waltham Forest were rated Good or Outstanding by Ofsted.
  • By the end of their reception class, the number of Waltham Forest children who achieved a good level of development was higher than the London and national average.

Schools, day nurseries, pre-schools and childminders are all able to offer the free early education entitlement. Our friendly team are here to help you make the right choices for your family. We provide support and information about:

If you have any questions or need advice, please contact us on 0208 496 3566 or email childcare@walthamforest.gov.uk

The NELFT Specialist Children's Health Services provide specialist assessments and treatments for children referred to particular services.

The Children and Family Centre are a range of services that work together to provide early years services, learning and development sessions/activities and support to children under five and their parents and carers. This consists of the following services:

  • Early Help one to one family support and Parenting Programmes
  • The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity
  • HENRY ( Health ,Exercise Nutrition for the Really Young)
  • Citizen Advice
  • Early Years
  • Adult Learning
  • Domestic Abuse One Stop Shop
  • Health Visiting Service
  • Money Matters


After you have received your 2-Year-old Health Review you may be contacted by one of the Children and Family Centre partners; The Lloyd Park Children’s Charity or HENRY.

What can you expect from our services:

Lloyd Park Children’s Charity 

Our aim is work in partnership with parents which in turn supports young children’s learning and development. On this journey we recognise parents and carers are best place to tell about their child’s development. Your involvement is important every step of the way.

You will be contacted by a member of our team who will introduce you to our services.

By joining on your Stay to Play Journey we ask parents and carers to stay with us for a period of up to 12 weeks. You will be working with your own key person throughout your journey.


The HENRY Best Start team are here to work alongside parents and carers with children aged 0 to 5, to help children get the best and healthiest start in life.  Our team are a universal service, which means any family in Waltham Forest can access our teams free of charge.  In some cases, our work will be shared with you during the 2YO review.  In these situations we will make direct contact with you to let you know about what we can offer your family.

Our speech and language therapists are here to provide guidance and work with families to identify strategies for children who have a speech or communication delay.  This typically will mean families are offered four sessions with our therapists, to help you develop communication strategies in the home that work for you.

The HENRY Healthy Eating team are here to provide guidance for families who would like to explore ways to introduce a range of healthy foods and getting up and moving to support physical development.  The team run regular one-off workshops on starting solids, fussy eating and healthy teeth.  Your family may also benefit from attending our evidence-based 8 week healthy families programme which helps the whole family to make positive lifestyle changes for a healthier and happier home environment.

Early Help

Early help can work closely with you through direct one to one support, including home visits. They will explore what support you or your child might need in partnership with you, looking at the family strengths, building on those and with you identifying areas that you might need further support with such as debt issues, employment and training, support around family relationships , advise re parenting  strategies etc.

What our Services will do

Checking your 2-year-old eligibility: Some 2-year olds are eligible to access Early Years Education of up to 15 hours a week. By working together, we will explore your eligibility and should you wish to access a nursery provision we will work together to support you on this journey.

How you doing wheel: The “How You Doing Wheel” is a tool which we complete with families to find out how you feel about particular area that you may need some support with. It allows the keyperson the opportunity to sign post you to the right service for you and your family at the right time.

For example- You feel your family may need 1:1 support to explore further key issues we can request our partners in the Early Help Team located at all Children and Family Centre hubs support you.

Learning Book: The Learning Book is a digital system in which parents and practitioners work together to track the child’s learning and development through observations; pictures and videos. 

It is exclusive to each child and their family. The aim is for parents and carers to have a clear understanding of how his or her child is reaching their potential.

Two-year-old progress check: The aim of the two-year-old progress check is to provide early identification of development needs for 2-3-year-old children.

The Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) sets out the standards for learning and development and care for all children from birth to five years old.

The progress check is carried out in relation to the prime areas of learning.

  • Personal, social and emotional development
  • Communication and language.
  • Physical development.

You will be provided with next steps and activity ideas for you to do with your child whilst you capture their learning journey using the learning book.

At the end of your journey with Lloyd Park Children’s Charity/ HENRY  or Early Help you can continue to access the universal sessions in CFC or continue your journey within the partnership pathway

Further information about all CFC services can be found on CFC facebook page or WF webpage

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Early Help Service Click to get info

The Early Help Service works in partnership with other professionals, parents and carers to intervene early when families need more support.