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Draft Chingford Mount Town Centre Framework

Let us know your views on Chingford Mount

Drawn image of ariel view, Chingford Mount

Draft Chingford Mount Town Centre Framework

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The 31 January deadline for the Chingford Mount Framework consultation has now passed, and we will work to publish key messages from your comments. 

The Draft Chingford Mount Town Centre Framework is a guideline of what possible ideas and improvements could take place in Chingford Mount over the next 15 years. The framework looks to realise the full potential of Chingford Mount as a lively and attractive town centre that local communities continue to be proud of and where people want to live, work, and visit.

It is important to note that the proposals and ideas within the framework are not set in stone and are set out to help guide possible development in Chingford Mount. The framework has been created to run alongside and support the Council’s new Local Plan, which sets out the strategy for the future of the borough and core planning policies (Local Plan 1), and identifies strategic sites where development could take place over the next 15 years, along with principles to guide the delivery of that development (Local Plan 2).

The development proposed will enhance the high street and create new demand for local businesses, and the plans do not involve the loss of existing retail but its reprovision in new improved accommodation.

We will follow up with a further consultation later this year, with an opportunity to make further comments.