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Adult Social Care Transport Policy Consultation

We are holding a public consultation on the introduction of an Adult Social Care Transport Policy

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Adult Social Care Transport Policy Consultation

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The Care Act (2014) states that local authorities should consider an adult’s ability to get around in the community safely and consider their ability to use such facilities as public transport, shops or recreational facilities when considering the impact on their wellbeing. There are currently residents who are receiving Council-funded transport to meet their eligible needs.

Previously, there has been no formal agreed procedure in the borough for providing transport to meet these eligible needs. This has led to the inconsistent provision of transport. This policy is therefore intended to regulate the provision of transport through an agreed process. This policy would apply to all Council-funded transport, whether the provider is run by the Council or by the private/voluntary sector.

There are no savings targets attached to the application of this policy nor any anticipated reduction in the number of people receiving transport, although the actual people receiving Council-funded transport may change in accordance with moving to allocation in accordance with need.

How to have your say

You are invited to give your views on the proposals.

You can do this by using the online Response Form.

Complete an easy read online response form

The following documents are available to download below:

Please post completed response forms to: The Markhouse Centre, 247 Markhouse Road, Walthamstow, London E17 8DW

This public consultation is open from 12 September until the 21 October 2022. Please note that responses received after this date will not form part of the decision making process.