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Burrell and Rayner towers

Pre-commencement works​

  • Fire Engineers and London Fire Brigade carry out independent reviews of building and fire safety design proposals. ​
    Estimated to start ​and finish August 2021
  • Building Control reviews and approves design
    Estimated to start July 2021 ​and finish September 2021
  • Submitted Planning Application for approval – 19 April
    Estimated to start April 2021 ​and finish September 2021
  • Carry out consultation process for major works with leaseholders
    Estimated to start August 2021 ​and finish September 2021

Construction Works 

  • Erect scaffolding
    Estimated to start April 2022 ​and finish December 2022
  • Carry out mechanical & electrical related works e.g. installation of fire alarms, sprinklers and associated infrastructure (subject to Fire Engineer’s report)
    Estimated to start June 2022 ​and finish September 2022
  • Install new fire rated cavity barriers around penetrations through the external walls
    Estimated to start June 2022 ​and finish August 2022
  • Replace windows with modern compliant materials
    Estimated to start July 2022 ​and finish October 2022
  • Replace curtain walling system to stairwell with new compliant materials
    Estimated to start January 2022 ​and finish March 2022
  • Remove scaffolding
    Estimated to start March 2022 ​and finish May 2022

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