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Benefits and money advice

Local Council Tax Support

From 1 April 2013 the current Council Tax Benefit scheme will end. A new local scheme called Council Tax Support (CTS) will replace it.

Housing Benefit: How to apply

Housing Benefit and Local Housing Allowance help you pay your rent if you are on benefits, get a pension or are working but on a low income.

Waltham Forest Social Fund

From April 2013 a new local assistance scheme to assist the most vulnerable has been introduced to replace some of the discretionary elements of the Social

Free school meals

Free school meals for children whose families are on benefits.

Local Housing Allowance

Help for people on a low income renting from a private landlord.

Apply for Council Tax Support

Council Tax Support is a local scheme to help you pay your council tax if you are on benefits or a low income, whether or not you are working. Under the

Housing Benefit: Backdated claims

You may be eligible to back date your Housing Benefit claim if there is a good cause why you were unable to apply earlier.

Benefit appeals

If you disagree with a decision about your Housing Benefit (HB), you have the right to appeal but there are time limits. You should put any appeal in writing,

Housing Benefit overpayments

The steps the Council will take to recover any housing benefit overpayments.

Report benefit fraud

Benefit fraud costs you and the Council money. Information on what the Council does to investigate and prosecute benefit fraud.

Benefits whilst you are in hospital

A person claiming benefits who is admitted to hospital must notify the local authority that deals with their claims for housing benefit and council tax

Benefits self service

Scheduled website maintenance The Benefits self-service system will be unavailable during scheduled maintenance work which is being carried out on the

Council Tax Support appeals

You can make an appeal if you are unhappy with a decision we've made about your Council Tax Support claim.

Discretionary Housing Payments

DHP may help to cover the difference between your rent and housing benefit and between your council tax and council tax benefit.

Help with claiming benefits

Help and advice on claiming benefits.

Online benefit services

We offer an online service for Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support. Who is eligible You can use our online benefits service if you are a Waltham Forest

Changes in your circumstances

You must tell us about any changes that happen to you or the people living with you as this may affect the benefit you get.

Welfare reforms: Changes to the benefits system

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 contains provisions that will see the abolition of: Council Tax Benefit Some elements of the Discretionary Social Fund and