Independent living and community

Access support to either stay in your home or to find alternative accommodation.

Last updated: 24 February 2023

If you’re finding it hard to live independently as you’re getting older, or you have a health condition or a disability, then you can get support to either stay in your home or to find alternative accommodation.

Spending time outside your home and travelling around is also very important. It helps you build a healthy lifestyle and gives you the chance to learn new skills. 

Clubs and day centres will help you to meet new people in similar situations and employment or volunteering can be a very rewarding experience.

Support with housing for older people

Waltham Forest Council has commissioned Waltham Forest Housing Association and Genesis to provide a free service to support people aged 50+ who who need a bit of extra help to stay living independently in your home.

The service aims to help you maintain your accommodation by offering a range of support that which promotes independence and empowerment.

You will also be assisted to access other services dependant on your needs. The service provides support across a range of areas including;

  • practical and/or emotional support in dealing with everyday matters
  • help with claiming  welfare benefits
  • advice on budgeting, managing debt and dealing with bills
  • liaison with or referrals to other agencies
  • accessing employment, training or further education
  • advice on more suitable housing as well as health and safety in your home
  • resettlement advice when moving to a new home, including getting furniture
  • help to access culturally specific services
  • help to improve confidence and self-esteem as well as overcoming feelings of loneliness and isolation .
  • help finding a GP

You don’t need to be living on your own and could be living with family or friends and don’t need to be a home owner as the service will also support people living in private rented, council or local authority sheltered housing.

Support is available by 'phone, home visits or by visiting Genesis Housing Association or Waltham Forest Housing Association at their offices in Walthamstow.

Genesis Housing Association

​​​​​​​Waltham Forest Housing Association