Safeguarding in Education Service

Last updated 22 April 2014

The Safeguarding in Education Service provides advice, support and training  in matters of child protection for the designated safeguarding lead with responsibility for child protection in schools, colleges and early years settings.

Training for designated safeguarding leads in schools and colleges is offered termly to guide and assist them in understanding and applying best practice and procedures in the field, as laid down within the statutory provision.

Our aim

To ensure:

  • All child protection training by the Safeguarding in Education Service is underpinned by the London Child Protection Procedures
  • Every designated lead and deputy designated lead receives child protection training


Courses are quality assured, with summary evaluation reports being produced as evidence of best value. Feedback is used constructively to continuously maintain our high standards. Course effectiveness and perceived support is evaluated using a Schools Safeguarding Audit Questionnaire, which is sent out t​o schools each academic year.

Quality standards

Child protection procedures are followed according to the London Child Protection Procedures. The trainers used to deliver child protection training have proven track records in the field coupled with a good working knowledge of Waltham Forest and national procedures.

Whilst there is no charge to schools for the advice and support provided by the Safeguarding in Education Service there is a charge for course attendance. This charge reflects the cost of delivery, course materials and refreshments. Courses are non-profit making and are widely accepted as good value for money.

The Safeguarding in Education Service

We will:

  • Respond immediately and appropriately to all enquiries about child protection issues; and advise on the required action as outlined in the Waltham Forest Safeguarding Children Board (WFSCB) guidelines
  • Liaise with the police Child Abuse Investigation (CAIT) Team, Children Social Care Services, the Primary Care Trust (PCT) and the voluntary sector in order to address issues following correct procedures
  • Advise schools of their responsibilities and the standards that are expected in order to protect children
  • Disseminate information to schools on child protection issues

Confidentiality and record keeping

The Safeguarding in Education Service maintains a record of every case brought to its attention, including correspondence and telephone calls.

All confidential records are kept under strict, secure conditions. Confidentiality is maintained on all cases dealt with by the Safeguarding in Education Service and information is shared only with those professionals who have involvement in individual cases.

The Safeguarding in Education Service, under its monitoring remit, maintains a database to ensure schools fulfil their responsibilities in safeguarding children.

Forms and useful documents

Guidance documents

The following documents are guides useful to designated child protection leads.

Some of these documents are in PDF format. To view them you may need to download a free copy of Adobe Acrobat Reader.

Local guidances, policies and procedures

These are examples of policies that could be used and/or adapted to your setting, as well as procedures to follow.

London Child Protection Procedures

Serious Case Reviews

To be reviewed by all education and early years settings, regarding lessons to be learned.

Useful contacts

If you work in education, health, social care or for the police in Waltham Forest you can use the list of key contacts for child protection issues in Waltham Forest to find someone to speak to, answer your questions or help with any concerns you might have about a child.

Training and events

Training courses and events that may be useful to designated staff responsible for child protection in education.

Latest news

The latest child protection news for professionals working to safeguard children.

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