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Housing Benefit appeals

Last updated 6 September 2013

How to appeal a decision about your Housing Benefit/Council TaxBenefit.

If you disagree with a decision about your Council Tax Support (CTS), you have the right to challenge the Council's decision. There is a seperate process for this. Find out more about challenging your CTS decision.

Before making an appeal

Before you make an appeal ask the Benefits Service to give you written reasons for our decision

If you are still not satisfied with our decision, you can:

  • ask for an explanation of how we calculated your benefit
  • ask us to look at the decision again
  • appeal against the decision
  • ask for a hearing by a tribunal, administered by the Tribunals Service
    • The Tribunals Service is independent of the Council
    • You can find out more about them on their website at the HM Courts and Tribunals Service
    • You are not likely to win your appeal unless you understand the reasons for the original decision and say clearly why you disagree. It is best to get help with housing benefitĀ appeals from an advice service or advice agency.

How to make your appeal

If you disagree with a decision about your Housing Benefit (HB), you have the right to appeal but there are time limits. You should put any appeal in writing, and keep copies of your letters.

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