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Food safety risk assessment

Last updated 1 March 2013

Risk assessments are a legal requirement for all food businesses. The local authority require a risk assessment to be carried out prior to registration of a food business.

A risk assessment is based on food safety practices, and is intended to prevent problems that may occur with the food you sell and ensure safety for your customers.

Why do a risk assessment?

  • It is a legal requirement for all food businesses
  • It helps ensure food is safe for customers to eat
  • It may help you demonstrate that you had exercised diligence through preventative measures to prevent an offence being committed if your business is taken to court

The Foods Standards Agency (FSA), has produced a pack called "Safer Food Better Business" (SFBB). This is designed to meet the specific needs of small catering and retail businesses that are trying to meet the legal requirement of producing a risk assessment.

If you would like to order an SFBB pack call FSA Publications on 0845 606 0667 or email

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