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Scheduled maintenance on phone system, 5.15pm-7pm 31 July

Between 5.15pm-7pm the usual Council and Ascham Homes repairs numbers will be unavailable. To call the Council between these times please dial 020 3189 2453. Ascham Homes repairs service can be contacted on 020 3058 0501.


Blue badges for organisations

Blue badges for organisations who have clients with severe mobility problems.

Blue Badges: Parking permits for disabled people

Enabling people with severe mobility problems to park closer to their destination.

Car parks

Information on car parks in Waltham Forest.

Clamping and removal of cars

The Council no longer operates clamping in their standard enforcement procedures unless they are dealing with abandoned vehicles that are parked in the

Controlled Parking Zones

A controlled parking scheme in a street or area where parking is organised in order to help residents park their vehicles.

Dropped kerbs

The Council may construct vehicle crossovers at the request of residents.

Parking bays for disabled people

Disabled parking bays help disabled people who drive themselves and need to park as close to their property as possible.

Parking dispensations

Parking dispensations allow to park you on roads where normally you would not normally be allowed to park. For example, removal vans, or for unloading

Parking enforcement

The Council has the authority to manage the enforcement of both on street and off street public parking regulations (meters, residential parking bays,

Parking suspensions

Parking suspensions allow you to suspend where parking is normally permitted. For example, if building work is going on.

Paying for on street and visitor parking

Changes are coming to the way you pay for parking in Waltham Forest From 7th May 2013 parking vouchers will be phased out in favour of PayByPhone and PayPoint