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Road traffic schemes

Last updated 27 April 2015

Traffic schemes are usually designed and installed as the result of an accident problem, following requests from residents or as part of a national policy (for example. the introduction of 20mph zones).

Traffic schemes 2014/15

Endlebury Road / Gunners Grove - Highway improvement scheme

These proposals aim to improve general road safety, reduce the road traffic accidents, through traffic and the average speed in the Gunners Grove area.

View the consultation document.

View the scheme proposal plan.

Peterborough Road - Neighbourhood Scheme


View the works implementation plan.

Blackhorse Road - Highway improvement scheme

The London Borough of Waltham Forest has received funding from Transport for London to improve the Blackhorse Road corridor. The proposed improvements have been designed to complement the Mini Holland programmewhich we are currently busy planning.

The consultation period is now closed.

Selborne Road - Air Quality and Highway Improvement Scheme

Funding has been secured from the Mayor's Air Quality Fund and Transport for London to improve conditions on Selborne Road. The proposals are being designed in conjunction with the Borough's Mini Holland programme and are planned to be introduced later this year.

The consultation period is now closed.

20mph zone scheme - Areas between Lea Bridge Road & A406

You may be aware that the Council is committed to improving road safety for all road users and residents through proposed plans to introduce 20mph speed zones in all residential areas across the borough. These measures would go great lengths in improving not only road safety but also the physical environment of residential streets and areas within the borough. This in turn would promote sustainable and active transport methods and lifestyles which benefit the entire community.

Due to the large scope of this scheme the works involved have been programmed to take place over three years from 2013 to 2015. The first stage of the scheme concentrated on the area south of Lea Bridge Road and has already been completed. We are now looking at all the streets within the ‘central’ area between Lea Bridge Road and the A406 (North Circular Road) that are currently not within an existing 20mph zone.

The associated works for this scheme in your area are programmed to be completed during this financial year. The funding to implement this scheme has been secured from Transport for London.

If you are still unsure about aspects of the scheme you can contact Council officers by emailing or by calling 020 8496 3000.

The consultation period is now closed.

Larkshall Road - Highway improvement scheme

In recent years there have been a number of road accidents involving personal injury in your area and Transport for London has allocated funds to address this issue. Waltham Forest Council is proposing to make Larkshall Road safer for all road users, to enhance the pedestrian experience by de-cluttering the street, improve the riding experience for cyclists and to increase bus reliability and bus stops accessibility.

The proposed changes are in the section of Larkshall Road between Ropers Avenue and New Road and its junction with The Broadway.

Contact: or by calling 020 8496 1039

The consultation period is now closed.

Traffic Management Orders

Traffic Management Orders (TMOs) are documents that provide the legal backing for the enforcement of road, traffic or parking schemes under the relevant national legislation.

There are three different types of TMOs:

Permanent orders

Permanent orders give rise to the majority of signs and lines that are placed on streets. Examples of these are:

  • Single/double yellow lines
  • Parking spaces
  • Banned turns
  • One-ways
  • Speed limits

Please note: not all on-street restrictions require an order, for example box junctions.

Experimental orders

Experimental orders are used to enable the Council to monitor the effect of the TMO and vary its provisions as necessary. The duration of an experimental order lasts no more than eighteen months before they are either abandoned, amended or made permanent.

Temporary orders

Temporary orders are made to temporarily prohibit, restrict or suspend the use of a road as a result of highway or utility works, street cleansing or situations that are likely to be a danger to the public (for example. falling debris). Orders are for a maximum period of eighteen months or six months if affecting a footway that is separate from a main highway.

The Council can immediately issue a temporary notice to prohibit, restrict or suspend the use of a road following an emergency such as a burst water main.

TMO procedures

By law, the Council is required to publish notices in a local newspaper that advertise the proposal and effects of TMOs. In some cases the notices are published in the London Gazette.

If the Council feels additional publicity is needed for a TMO they can choose to erect notices on lamp columns in the street to which any TMO proposal relates.

In the case of permanent and experimental orders the Council must consult statutory bodies such as the police, ambulance, fire brigade, bus operators, Road Haulage Association and Freight Transport Association. Also, other groups such as cyclist and pedestrian associations will be contacted if any TMOs affect them.

A temporary order does not require any consultation but the emergency services must be notified of they are affected.

How to object to a TMO

Information on how to object to a TMO, and deadlines for submitting letters of objection are outline in the public notice. The Council is legally required to consider and reply to every letter it receives.

If the public feel the Council has not followed the correct procedures in making the TMO they can appeal to the High Court within six weeks of the order being made.

Road humps and pedestrian crossings

TMOs are not required for road humps or pedestrian crossings but similar procedures with regards to public notices and objections apply.

Traffic Management Orders public notices

Below is the list of public notices advertising proposed or made TMOs in the borough. Click on the notice title to view each notice.

Date Notice
17 June 2013 Proposed extension of Shernhall Bakers Arms controlled parking zone into various roads E17 (28KB PDF file)

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