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Request a bulky waste collection

Last updated 8 July 2014


The Council provides a collection service from residential properties for bulky waste that is not suitable to be collected as part of the weekly household refuse/recycling collection.

  • This service is free to residents only
  • There are no limits to the number of collections per household, however it is at the Council's discretion to refuse collection if abuse of the service occurs
  • 5 items only per collection

How to request this service

To request your bulky collection, contact Waltham Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000 or email

When you request a free bulky collection:

  • You will be told the date when your bulky waste will be collected, which will be within a maximum of six working days
  • Please leave your waste as close to the front of your property as possible the night before your collection

Can your bulky item be reused or recycled?

A lot of items thrown away could be reused or recycled by other people.

Please think whether your bulky item could be reused and recycled; for example, if you are throwing furniture out. See recycling furniture and other items below for more details

Days for bulky waste collection

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
Chingford Green Chapel End High Street Forest Cann Hall
Endlebury Hale End and Highams Park Hoe Street
Lea Bridge
Hatch Lane
Higham Hill Markhouse
Leyton Grove Green
Valley Larkswood William Morris Wood Street Leytonstone

The bulky collection service is for specified items. You will be asked to describe the items when requesting the collection. The specified items must be identifiable and accessible on the day of collection.

What items will be taken as part of a bulky collection?

  • Plant baskets
  • Bathroom furniture
  • Bathroom sink
  • Bath
  • Bed (bed base is one item and a mattress is one item)
  • Bicycle
  • Boiler (including cylinder)
  • Bowls
  • Carpets and carpet tiles (1 roll is one item, 5 tiles is one item)
  • Chairs (1 chair is one item)
  • Cooker and hob
  • Cupboard
  • Door
  • Small electrical appliances
  • Exercise equipment (running machines included, all in one multi gyms only if dismantled)
  • Fish tank
  • Flooring (wood type slats no more than 6 feet by 1 foot, 3 slats equals 1 item)
  • Fridge and freezer
  • Furniture (glass to be removed if present as part of the furniture)
  • Garden equipment
  • Garden furniture (glass to be removed if present as part of the furniture)
  • Kitchen cupboard
  • Kitchen pots and pans
  • Kitchen sink
  • Kitchen utensils (except knives)
  • Mattress
  • Mats
  • Microwave
  • Mower and strimmer
  • Musical Instruments (except pianos and organs)
  • Ornaments
  • Pedal bin
  • Pet basket and litter trays (empty only)
  • Radiator
  • Satellite dish
  • Settee and sofa (1 sofa is one item)
  • Suitcase (empty)
  • Table (no glass)
  • Television (the glass used in televisions does not have to be removed due to its strong design)
  • Toilet
  • Towel rail
  • Toys
  • Tumble dryer
  • Wardrobe
  • Washing machine
  • Window frame (without glass)
  • Wood / timber/ MDF (maximum size 6 feet by 1 foot, no full fence panels, 3 slats equals 1 item)

Organic waste collection

If you have excess organic waste that does not fit in the brown bin or green garden waste bags you can take garden waste (but not food waste) to one of the three household waste recycling centres.

You can also compost at home or you can request that excess green garden waste be collected when your regular green garden waste collection is made.

This only applies to organic material. You will be asked to leave it alongside your brown bin in open black sacks.

Excluded items

We are unable to collect certain types of waste:

  • Asbestos and other hazardous waste
  • Loose bagged waste including general black bags
  • Batteries – recycled at all household waste recycling centres
  • Car parts
  • Clinical waste – There are separate collection arrangements in place
  • Dead animals – There are separate collection arrangements in place
  • Gas cylinders – These can be recycled at all household waste recycling centres
  • Glass panes, window panes or anything containing sheet glass, including glass panes from internal and external doors - Sheet glass and windows can be taken to household waste recycling centres
  • Knives
  • Nails still in wood including carpet grips cannot be taken for safety reasons

  • Oil, preservative, varnish and solvent containers (full or empty) – empty metal tins and original containers of gloss and emulsion paint can be recycled at all household waste recycling centres

  • Pianos and organs
  • Plasterboard – This can be recycled at South Access Road Household Waste Recycling Centre
  • Rubble and concrete (including hard-core / cement ) – This can be recycled at all household waste recycling centres
  • Safes
  • Tyres and wheel rims
  • Items which are too heavy and would require more than 2 people to move it

Other exclusions

Waste generated by trades people that have been employed to carry out work (such as installing a new kitchen or bathroom) is classified as industrial waste.

It is the trader's responsibility to dispose of it and you must ensure that they have suitable waste disposal licences in place.

Waste generated by landlords in conjunction with lettings is classified as commercial waste. It is the landlord's responsibility to dispose of it.

Abuse of the service

  • The bulky collection service is not a house or garden clearance service
  • Abuse such as numerous multiple collections, will be reported to Enforcement officers who may serve notices or issue fines
  • Wood must be tied together
  • The Council will monitor the bulky collection service to identify misuse
  • Everyone has a duty to make sure that they dispose of their waste legally. Find out more
  • A number of organisations provide services to recycle or reuse suitable household items. See the links in the right hand menu for more information.

Recyling furniture and other items

If you have any unwanted furniture you wish to donate or recycle, then the following organisations in Waltham Forest may take it:

What items are suitable for reuse or recycling?

The following items are suitable, if in good condition (the general rule of thumb being 'would I be happy to have this item in my house'), to be left in the containers:

  • Armchairs
  • Beds (complete)
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Chests
  • Coat stands
  • Coffee tables
  • Cutlery sets
  • Dressers
  • Garden tables and chairs
  • Ironing boards
  • Mattresses
  • Pillows and duvets (stain free)
  • Pots and pans
  • Rugs
  • Small lounge units
  • Tables and chairs
  • Three piece suites
  • Vases
  • Wardrobes

Please note this is not a complete list. You may have items that are not covered here, so please ask.

All soft furnishings should have safety labels sewn in. On beds and mattresses the label is blue, on sofas and suites it will be red.

As a general rule items should not be more than 6 feet in any dimension.

If it is too heavy to be moved by two people, it can't be accepted for reuse.

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