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Council structure

Last updated 6 February 2014
Council services are provided by six directorates. Each directorate is made up of a number of services, each of which is managed by a service head.

Senior officers

Senior officers and positions
Position Name
Chief Executive Martin Esom
Deputy Chief Executive of Families  Linzi Roberts-Egan
Deputy Chief Executive Environment and Regeneration Shifa Mustafa
Corporate Director Finance and Procurement and Chief Finance Officer John Turnbull
Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Monitoring Officer Daniel Fenwick
Corporate Director Human Resources and Transformation Althea Loderick
Corporate Director Residents First Michele Moloney

Executive Directorates

Families Directorate

Position Name Role
Deputy Chief Executive of Families  Linzi Roberts-Egan Deputy Chief Executive of Families

Divisional Director of Children and

Heather Flinders

Children's Safeguarding & Protection (Referral and Assessment), Children's Safeguarding & Family Support Service (Planning and Intervention), Placements and Resources Service, Children in Care, Protection, Quality Assurance Service​

Divisional Director of Adult Social Care

Senel Arkut

Provision & Independence, Assessment & Care Management, Safeguarding Adults & Deprivation of Liberty Safeguarding, Learning Disabilities Service, Mental Health

Divisional Director of Education Improvement Cate Duffy

Early Intervention and Prevention Service, Education Support Service, Education Business Management, Special Educational Needs (SEN), Suntrap Centre, School Improvement Support Service

Divisional Director of Strategic Commissioning  

Pratima Solanki

Joint Commissioning & Contracts (Service Manager Adults & Health, Voluntary Sector), Joint Commissioning & Contracts (Service Manager Supported Living/Supporting People), Brokerage Service, Joint Commissioning & Contracts (Families), Management Support & Information Unit

​Joint Director of Public Health

Deputy Director of Public Health

​Vicky Hobart

Sara Corben

​Public Health

Public Health

Head of Troubled Families​ ​Daniel Phelps

Education Welfare Service, Community Safety, Youth Offending Service, Youth Support Service

​Head of Health Integration ​Vacant

​Health Integration

Head of Provision and Independence​ Claire Bendall​
Head of Assessment and Care Management​ Philip Northcott

Environment and Regeneration

Position Name Role
Deputy Chief Executive Environment and Regeneration Shifa Mustafa Executive Director of Environment and Regeneration
Divisional Director of Housing and  Development Lucy Shomali Development Management and Building Control, Planning Policy and Regeneration, Strategic Housing and Investment
Divisional Director of Public Realm

Keith Hanshaw

Highways, Parking, Road Safety, Traffic Management, Refuse and Recycling, Street Cleansing, Parks, Open Spaces, Cemeteries, Arboriculture, Allotments, Enforcement and Environmental Health, Sports and Leisure 

Interim Divisional Director  Property, Major Projects & Capital Strategy

David Cox Assets and Capital Strategy, School Place Planning, School Organisation, Major Capital Programmes, Property, Catering Services
Interim Divisional Director Business, Employment and Skills​ Sally Agass​ ​Economic Development, CLaSS, Careers Service
Head of Delivery Marina Dimopoulou Programme Management, Service Improvement Performance, Improvement Communications

Strategic Directorates


Position Name Role
Corporate Director Finance and Procurement John Turnbull Chief Finance Officer, Finance and Procurement
Assistant Director of Finance, Accoutancy Services Bob Byron Chief Accountant, Corporate Finance Accountancy, Treasury, Exchequers and Cashiers
Assistant Director of Finance, Financial Planning Terry Borkett Financial Planning and Financial Management
Joint Assistant Director of Finance, Procurement and Commissioning Dave Levy

Procurement and Commissioning

Head of Revenues and Benefits Naida Russell-Stowe

Revenues – Council Tax & NNDR billing and collection,
Benefits – administration of Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support,,
Free School Meals awards,
Administration of Waltham Forest Social Fund,,
Business Support in relation to Revenues and Benefits

Assistant Director of Finance, Chief Internal Auditor Ray Gard Internal audit, Anti-fraud, Risk Management and Assurance, Insurance, Scrutiny

Legal and Democratic Services

Position Name Role
Head of Legal and Democratic Services and Law, and Monitoring Officer Daniel Fenwick Corporate Governance, Democratic Services, Legal Services, Electoral Registration
Head of Democratic Services Holly Adams Committee Services, Members and Mayoral Support, Electoral Services
Head of Family and Public Law Kim Travis Community Care Law, Information and Judicial Review
Head of Commercial Law Jeremy Walling Legal Services for: Planning and Environment Law, Property Law, Contract Law, Civil Litigation, Prosecutions

Human Resources and Transformation

Position Name Role
Corporate Director of Human Resources and Transformation Althea Loderick Personnel and HR strategy, Learning and Development, Health and Safety
​Head of HR Delivery ​Gerry Kemble Transaction Team, HR Administration, HR Advisors​
​Head of Employee Relations and Policy ​Stuart Petrie ​Employee Relations, Health and Safety, HR Quality Assurance
Interin Head of Organisational Development and Transformation​ Kathryn Cook​ Organisation Development and Transformation ​
Interim Chief Information Officer ICT​ ​Paul Golland Information and Communication Technologies​

Residents First

Position Name Role
Corporate  Director, Residents First

Michele Moloney

Cultural and Community Services, Customer Services, Performance and Improvement,
Strategy and Communications
Head of Customer Services Sally Hodgson
Contact Centre, Council Receptions, Customer Service Centre,
Face to Face contacts through Libraries, Web
Head of Performance and Improvement

Ben Plant 

Cabinet Office, Complaints, Equalities, FOI and Subject Access Requests,
Improvement and Efficiency, Performance
Head of Cultural & Community Services  

Lorna Lee 

Community Engagement and Arts, Events, Library Development, Museums
and Galleries, Registrars 
Head of Strategy, Communications and Public Affairs Rhona Cadenhead

Chief Executive’s Office, Communications, Press and Media, Research and Consultation, Strategy and Public Affairs

Senior officers' pay and expenses

To increase the transparency of Council finances we will publish and update details of senior officers’ pay and expenses every year every year:

We will publish:

  • Salary bands of the Council’s Chief Executive, directors and senior management grades
  • Annual expenses and, where possible, categories of expenses

Where employee's have given their consent under the Data Protection Act 1998, additional information will also be provided.

Senior management salary bands

Senior management salary bands are listed at the end of the Council pay scales.

The Council is required under the Accounts and Audit Regulations 2003 to publish details of the number of officers with salaries of £50,000 and over. The details for 2010/11 can be found at page 69 of the Council’s Statement of Accounts on the Council Finance page.

The 2003 Regulations have been amended and, in future, more specific details will have to be published. This information will be put on the website when available.

Senior officer expenses

The following information was disclosed under the Freedom of Information Act 2000 in response to a request for the salary details of officers who earned more than £100,000 in the year 2008/09. The list includes those named individuals agreed to this personal data being published. It should not be read as details of current salaries or officers within the Council.

The latest details will be published on the website after the end of the current financial year and on an annual basis each year thereafter.

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