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Council housing

Apply for Council Housing

Apply for Council Housing
Before you start the process of completing the application for housing, you must complete the online self-assessment which will give you an indication of what your priority is likely to be, and whether or not you are ever likely to be housed.
Please note: There are approximately 16,000 applications for every 1,000 properties let.
Bidding for properties
Once your application has been successful you can express an interest in properties through the East London Lettings website.

Existing Council tennants

Request a repair
If your repair is an emergency, telephone Ascham Direct on 020 8496 4197.
For all non-essential repairs complete the online form.

Report anti-social behaviour
If you are experiencing unacceptable behaviour from your neighbours then contact us. If you have been physically attacked or threatened then you should call the police on 999.

Mutual exchange
All Council and Housing Association/Trust tenants with Secure Tenancies and most Housing Association/Trust tenants with Assured Tenancies can apply to exchange their accommodation. 

Tennancy succession
When a Council tennant dies, it may be possible for a husband/wife/civil partner or other family member to take over the tenancy.

Tennants and Residents Association
Find out more about setting up and running an Association.