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Local Development Framework

Last updated 20 November 2015

The Waltham Forest Local Plan (formerly the Local Development Framework) provides the planning policy framework for considering planning applications.

This page provides information on the Council's Local Plan documents, Supplementary Planning Documents and other supporting management documents.

Key updates

The Core Strategy

The Core Strategy was formally adopted by the Council on 1 March 2012. The Adopted Core Strategy and related documents can be downloaded below:

Copies of the LDF Core Strategy and related documents are available for inspection at the Council’s offices (Sycamore House) and at all Waltham Forest libraries.

Previous stage - Core Strategy Examination

Inspector’s Report (2.7MB PDF file)

The Core Strategy was submitted to the Secretary of State for Communities and Local Government for independent examination on 31 May 2011. This followed the statutory consultation on the Proposed Submission Document, which ended on 28 February 2011. For more information see LDF Core Strategy Examination.

Submission documents

Key documents submitted include the following:

Proposed submission stage

This document was published for statutory consultation during the period 17 January to 28 February 2011 to allow comments to be made prior to the submission of the document to the Secretary of State for examination.

Download Core Strategy Proposed Submission documents below:

Supporting documents

Preferred options stage

The consultation on the Preferred Options stage closed on 19 February 2010.

Consultation documents

Core Strategy - issues and options stage

Public consultation at the Issues and Options stage was undertaken from 25 June to 1 September 2008.

Published below are the summary comments received during the consultation period.

Sustainability Appraisal Scoping Report

We are required to fully integrate sustainability appraisal in the preparation of the LDF Core Strategy. The purpose of sustainability appraisal is to assess the social, economic and environmental effects of any proposed policies to be included in the core strategy. The first stage of the sustainability appraisal process is the production of a scoping report, providing the framework to be used to help develop policy options and consider their possible effects. Public consultation on a draft sustainability appraisal scoping report was undertaken from 25 June to 1 September 2008. The final sustainability appraisal report is published below:

Consultation documents (25 June to 1 September 2008)

Development Management Policies

The Development Management Policies Document supports the core strategy adopted March 2012 and sets out the Council's detailed policies for managing development in the borough. The document was adopted on 25 October 2013.

For further information on the independent examination and adoption, visit: Development-Management-Policies-Submission.aspx.

Proposed Submission stage (consultation period ended on 17 September 2012)

The Proposed Submission Document was published for final statutory consultation from 30 July -17 September 2012.

Preferred Options stage (consultation period ended on 28 February 2011)

The Preferred Options Document was published for consultation from 17 January to 28 February 2011. The consultation period has now closed. Download Development Management Policies Preferred Options below:

Supporting documents

Issues and Options stage

The Issues and Options Consultation was undertaken during the period 19 March to 28 May 2010. See published documents below:

Other supporting documents

Proposals/Policies map

The proposals map is an ordnance survey base map illustrating Development Plan Document policies and proposals for the allocation of land for specific types of development. It identifies areas of the borough where area-specific core policies apply, safeguarded sites for notable land uses or activities, significant development sites and other relevant area/site-specific designations.

The Council has published a new Policies Map with the Waltham Forest Local Plan (Development Management Policies Document, adopted October 2013). This replaces the 2006 UDP Proposals Map.

View the Local Plan Policies Map (7MB PDF file) and Inset Maps (12MB PDF file)

As background information, the previous UDP Proposals Map is published below.

View the Interactive Web Version of the 2006 UDP.

North London Waste Plan

The North London Waste Plan identifies a range of suitable sites for the management of all North London’s waste up to 2031 and sets out policies and guidelines for determining planning applications for waste developments. This plan is being prepared by the North London Boroughs of Barnet, Camden, Enfield, Hackney, Haringey, Islington and Waltham Forest.

The waste plan will identify a range of suitable sites for the management of all North London's waste up to 2031 and include policies and guidelines for determining planning applications for waste developments.

Update July 2015

A Draft Plan has been published for public consultation during the period 30 July- 30 September 2015

For further information visit the North London Waste Plan web site.

Area Action Plans

These cover the growth areas identified by the Core Strategy including Blackhorse Lane, Northern Olympic Fringe, Walthamstow Town Centre and Wood Street.

Visit: Area Action Plans.

Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood plans are led by authorised local community organisations rather than the Council. When prepared and adopted, they will be part of the statutory development plan. The neighbourhood plan will be focused on the needs of the particular neighbourhood area as formally designated by the Council.

Visit: Neighbourhood Plans.

Supplementary Planning Documents

Norlington Road Industrial Site Draft SPD – published for consultation (November 2015)

The Council has prepared a Draft SPD for consultation. This document has been produced to set out a clear planning framework for bringing forward the appropriate redevelopment of the Norlington Road site. The consultation period runs from 20 November to 18 December 2015. The Draft SPD and accompanying documents can be viewed below.

The Draft SPD and the accompanying Response Form are available for inspection at the Council's offices at Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall Complex, Forest Road, E17 4JF and at all other Waltham Forest Branch Libraries during opening hours.

Online comments can be submitted through the Consultation Portal. This is our preferred method of response.

Alternatively, you can submit your comments by email: or by post: Design and Conservation, Room GO8, Sycamore House, Waltham Forest Town Hall Complex, London E17 4JF.

All comments submitted on this consultation will be carefully considered in preparing the final document. For further information, please contact the Design and Conservation Team at the above email address or alternatively Tel: 020 8496 3000.

Adopted SPDs

The Council has published seven adopted documents as follows:

South Grove/St James SPD

On 14 September 2015 the Council resolved to adopt the South Grove/St James SPD. This SPD sets out the key principles to facilitate the redevelopment of the South Grove/St James Areas within the Walthamstow Town Centre.

Public House SPD

The Council recognises the valuable role Public Houses can play as part of sustainable communities, and seeks to protect them from increased pressure for loss to alternative uses. The Public Houses SPD sets out details of existing levels of provision in the borough, records of recent losses, and a series of tests that will apply to future planning applications involving the loss of a Public House.

Inclusive Design SPD

The Council is committed to raising the quality of design for all new development in Waltham Forest and has produced new planning guidance on inclusive design. Two Supplementary Planning Documents (SPD) were formally adopted by the Council in May 2011. See formally adopted documents below:

  • Inclusive Housing Design (1.6MB PDF file) The Inclusive Housing Design SPD covers all new residential development including new housing development and the design of wheelchair housing and lifetime homes. The conversion of existing premises into residential units is also covered by this guidance
  • Inclusive Design for Non-Residential Buildings (2.8MB PDF file)
    The Inclusive Design for Non-Residential Buildings SPD focuses on inclusive design for other development including all new buildings, extensions, changes of use and alterations to elevations, for example new shop fronts

Both documents have been informed by a series of national, regional and local policy documents, best practice advice and statutory requirements set out in the Disability Discrimination Act 1995, 2005 (to be subsequently superseded by the emerging Equalities Act 2010).

Urban Design and Residential Extensions and Alterations SPD

Urban design is essentially about place-making. It is about the design of places, including the design of groups of buildings, the spaces between them, streets and whole areas, and the connections between them. Urban design transcends arguments about the architectural style of individual buildings and focuses instead on our total surroundings and our experience of the three-dimensional built environment.

  • Urban Design (4MB PDF file) - This aimed at larger development proposals, including housing schemes and other mixed use development
  • Residential Extensions and Alterations (3MB PDF file) -This provides design advice to householders wanting to extend or make changes to their home

Schedule of representations

Revised Planning Obligations SPD

In March 2014, the Council resolved to adopt the Revised Planning Obligations Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). The SPD provides guidance in a single document for developers, applicants and landowners on planning obligations that the Council will seek to include in Section 106 agreements as part of the Local Development Framework.

Please click here for more information for this SPD and planning obligations.

Hot Food Takeaway SPD

On 24 March 2009, the Council resolved to adopt the Hot Food Takeaway Supplementary Planning Document (SPD). This document sets out the approach the Council will take in considering planning applications for hot food takeaway uses in the borough. See Policy DM23 of the Development Management Policies DPD.

Locally Listed SPD

As part of the Council’s commitment to protecting the borough’s heritage, we keep a list of locally listed buildings of architectural and historic interest. The purpose of the list is to recognise, promote and protect those buildings and structures which are seen as having heritage value and which contribute significantly to the character and amenity of their surroundings. This list is separate from the nationally recognised list of buildings produced by Central Government (those that may for example be Grade I or Grade II listed) which have greater statutory protection.

Please note that the consultation period for comments on revisions to the Local List ended on Friday,25 November. The Council would like to thank everyone who responded to the consultation and will take all comments received into consideration in revising the new Local List. We have received over 70 suggestions for new additions to the Local List which are currently being considered. The revised list will be reported to the Council's Cabinet later in the year with a recommendation to formally adopt as a new Supplementary Planning Document (SPD).

View the Locally Listed Buildings supplementary planning document - draft for public consultation October 2011 (1MB PDF file)

Shop Front Design SPD (being prepared)

This document is under development. The Shop Front Design Guide provides best practice guidance prior to completion of the SPD.

Local Development Scheme

The Local Development Scheme (LDS) is the Council’s published timetable for preparing documents in the Local Development Framework (LDF).The LDS has the following main purposes:

  • To inform the public of the documents that make up the planning policy framework for Waltham Forest
  • To establish the priorities and the programme for preparing these documents, the subject matter and the geographical area for each document and the resources involved

LDS 2013-16 (updated September 2013).

Previous LDS documents are published below:

Statement of Community Involvement

The Statement of Community Involvement (SCI) sets out how the Council intends to involve the local community and stakeholders in producing local development documents and in considering planning applications. The Council adopted a new SCI document on 9 December 2014.

View: Statement of Community Involvement (SCI Review), December 2014) (6.4MB PDF file)

Background to the SCI Review

The first SCI document was adopted by the Council in June 2007. A draft SCI document (SCI Review 2014) was published for public consultation during the period 11 August - 22 September 2014.

View: Consultation report (249KB PDF file)

View: Draft Statement of Community Involvement (SCI Review), August 2014 (6.27MB PDF file)

View: Waltham Forest Statement of Community Involvement Adopted - June 2007 (796KB PDF file)

Other background documents can be downloaded using the following links:

Annual monitoring reports

This report monitors the success of development plan policies – assessing the extent to which policies have been implemented and related national and local targets met.

LDF Evidence Base

To ensure that all Development Plan Documents are based on a thorough understanding of the borough’s needs, opportunities and constraints, the Council has published technical studies on a number of topic matters/issues.

Visit: Evidence Base.

Further Information

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