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Parking enforcement

Last updated 31 March 2014

The Council has the authority to manage the enforcement of both on-street and off-street public parking regulations such as controlled parking bays, yellow lines and footways. Vehicles found to be parked illegally will be issued a penalty charge notice (PCN) and may be clamped and/or impounded.

The Council also provides a number of enforcement services to residents, businesses and other members of the public. As well as accepting general requests for enforcement, the Council provides enforcement services such as parking suspensions and dispensations, which are, in most cases, issued to accommodate highways maintenance, engineering works or domestic removals.

Please see this page to find out about how to deal with your PCN, the appeals process and other local enforcement services.

Pay your penalty charge notice

Use this option if you want to pay your penalty charge notice quickly and securely online.

You can also call the automated payment line on 0845 331 2392, select option 2 and pay with either debit or credit card. For convenience, a majority of people choose to pay by either of these two options as they are quick, secure and available 24 hours a day.

If you wish to pay your penalty by cheque or postal order, please make it payable to LBWF and send it to:

LBWF Parking Control Office
PO Box 9319
Walthamstow  E17 7RX

Appeal against a penalty charge notice (informal)

You can make an informal challenge at any time within the first 28 days after the penalty charge notice (PCN) has been issued.

We advise you to make a challenge within the 14-day discount payment period. This means that if your challenge is rejected, you will still be able to pay the PCN at the 50% discounted rate. If your challenge is successful, the PCN will be cancelled and no further action will be taken.

Note: You do not need to pay the charge at the time of making an informal challenge.

If you want to appeal against a PCN, online forms are available to enable you to do this. Please complete our online challenge form, ensuring that you submit the PCN number, vehicle registration number (VRM) and your full address. We will respond to you in writing by post.

See Informal Challenge to a Penalty Charge Notice (pre-notice to owner)

You can also appeal in writing to:

Waltham Forest Parking Control Office
PO Box 9319
Walthamstow  E17 7RX

Grounds for making an appeal against a penalty charge notice

If you believe that the PCN has been issued to you in error or incorrectly, you should challenge it.

You can only make representations on the following grounds:

  • The contravention did not occur – The contravention (offence) described in the PCN/ticket did not happen, for instance the PCN is for parking on a yellow line when you were in fact legally loading. When returning this form you should enclose any relevant details such as a delivery note
  • The penalty exceeds the relevant amount –  The PCN asks you to pay more than you are legally liable for
  • The traffic order is invalid –  You believe the parking restriction in question is invalid or illegal. This applies, for instance, if the Council has not followed the correct procedure for passing the traffic order. When returning this form you should enclose any relevant details
  • The civil enforcement officer (CEO) was not prevented from issuing the PCN – You disagree that the CEO was prevented from issuing the PCN
  • I was not the owner/keeper of the vehicle at the time of the contravention – You did not own the vehicle when the PCN was issued. When returning the form please enclose details such as a receipt of sale/purchase or a copy of the DVLA registration form. You must give the name and address of the person who bough/sold the vehicle and the date of sale/purchase
  • The vehicle was taken without my consent – The vehicle had been stolen when the PCN was issued. When returning the form you should enclose evidence such as a police crime report number or insurance claim
  • We are a hire firm and have supplied the name of the hirer – You are a hire company and the hirer has signed a formal agreement accepting liability for the PCN. You must enclose the name and address of the hirer and a copy of the statement they signed
  • The notice to owner (NtO) was served out of time – You feel that there has been an unreasonable delay (or at least 6 months) in issuing the NtO

Mitigating circumstances

Although there are specific legal grounds for making representations, we will consider exercising our discretion and may cancel the PCN if there are suitable mitigating circumstances. Please include any available supporting evidence.

By law, all challenges to PCNs must be made in writing, either by email using our online form, or by sending a letter in the post.

What happens next?

You will receive a response to your challenge advising you of the outcome. If your challenge is accepted, you do not need to pay anything and the case will be closed. However, if it is rejected you will be given an opportunity to pay the PCN within 14 days of the date of the response or, if you remain dissatisfied with the decision, make a formal representation,.

Challenging a notice to owner (formal)

If you choose not to pay or challenge your PCN within the first 28 days after it has been issued the Council will send a notice to owner (NtO) to the registered keeper of the vehicle. This notice will advise that there is a further 28 days to either pay the full penalty charge (at the full rate) or make a formal written representation to the Council

If you have received your NtO and wish to make payment at the full rate, you can do so either online (see PCN payment) or by calling 0845 331 2392 and selecting option 2. Line opening times:

  • Monday to Friday 7am-7pm
  • Saturday 9am-1pm
  • Closed bank and public holidays.

If you have received your NtO and still wish to challenge the penalty you can do so using the following methods.


You can now submit your representation online by completing our online challenge form. Make sure that you submit the PCN number, vehicle registration number (VRM) and your full address. We will respond to you in writing by post.

By post

Alternatively, you can make a challenge in writing to the address below. Please allow sufficient time for us to receive and consider your representation.

Waltham Forest Parking Control Office
PO Box 9319
Walthamstow  E17 7RX

Grounds for making a representation against a notice to owner

  1. (a) You have never owned the vehicle.
    (b) You were no longer the owner on the date the contravention occurred. You will have to provide the name and address of the person to whom the vehicle was sold together with proof of the date of the sale.
    (c) You were not the owner until after that date. You will have to provide the name and address of the person from whom you purchased the vehicle together with proof of the purchase date
  2. The contravention (wrong doing) did not occur
  3. The contravention occurred whilst the vehicle was under the control of someone without the owner's consent. You will have to supply the crime reference number and the name of the police station to which the theft of the vehicle was reported
  4. The traffic order was invalid (for example, the Council did not comply with the statutory requirements when making the order)
  5. The vehicle is owned by a vehicle-hire firm and the vehicle was on hire to someone under a formal hiring agreement. You will have to supply a copy of the hire agreement clearly showing the name and address of the person hiring the vehicle. This agreement must contain a statement of liability signed by the hirer and acknowledging the hirer's liability for payment of penalty charges
  6. The penalty charge exceeded the amount applicable to the contravention, that is, the amount is more than you are legally liable to pay
  7. There has been a procedural impropriety on the part of the Council
  8. The PNC has already been paid in full or has been paid at the reduced amount within the specified period

What happens next?

On receipt of the representation, the Council will carefully consider all the relevant facts. Information relating to the contravention held on the computer records and in the civil enforcement officer's notes may also be taken into account.

If your representation is accepted, you will be notified that the PCN has been cancelled and the case closed.

If your representation is rejected, you will be sent a formal notice of rejection together with an appeal form. You should now either pay the PNC at the full rate or make an appeal to an independent adjudicator at the Parking and Traffic Appeals Service (PATAS). The adjudicator is restricted by law to considering appeals only on the eight grounds for making a representation listed above. For legal reasons, it is not possible to appeal to a parking adjudicator unless the owner of the vehicle first makes a formal representation to the Council. The decision of the adjudicator is binding on both the Council and the person making the appeal.

Appeals can be decided either in person or by post, depending on your preference. Appeals in person are arranged by PATAS.

Filing witness statements or statutory declarations

If you have received an Order for Recovery of Unpaid Penalty Charge, this means that the penalty has not been resolved by representation, appeal or payment, has been registered as a debt with the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court and is due to be passed to a bailiff. Please follow the instructions on the order; you have 21 days from the date of the order to submit your application to the court. To do so, fill out the document supplied with the order for recovery and return it to the address on the form (not to the Council).

Once received by the court, they will then inform the Council to place the case on hold.

The order advises that you must either pay the total amount shown on the form or file a witness statement if you believe you have grounds for not paying the charge. There are only four limited grounds on which a statement can be made and details will be included with the order for recovery. Proceedings for contempt of court may be brought against the respondent if they make or cause to be made any false statement of truth without an honest belief in its truth.

Should you wish to make inquiries with the Traffic Enforcement Centre, please call them on 0300 123 1059.

Unpaid Penalty Charge Notices Progression Summary

Failure to pay your PCN will result in action taken under the relevant legislation to recover the penalty charge. Possible actions are 

After 14 days

You lose the right to pay at the discounted sum after 14 days, starting with the date on which the PCN was issued.

After a further 14 days

A notice to owner (NtO) or enforcement notice will be issued to the registered keeper (as held by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency - DVLA). Failure to act on this will result in a charge certificate.

After a further 28 days

A charge certificate will be sent to you notifying you that the charge has increased by 50 percent.

After a further 14 days

Your debt will be registered at Northampton County Court and a registration fee of £7 will be added to your charge.

General information: penalty charge notices

A penalty charge notice (PNC) is a legal document issued either directly to the vehicle / driver or through the post notifying you that your vehicle has been observed contravening a parking restriction or traffic restriction such as being in a bus lane or making a banned turn.

» View the full list of contraventions (196KB PDF file)

PCN charges

The PCN charges in relation to parking violations in Waltham Forest have been agreed by the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State for Transport and approved by London Councils. The penalty value is dependent on the severity of the contravention. The penalty charges issued within the London Borough of Waltham Forest are currently:

For PCNs issued at the higher rate

  • £130; reduced to £65 if paid within the appropriate discount period from the date the PCN is issued

For PCNs issued at the lower rate

  • £80; reduced to £40 if paid within the appropriate discount period from the date the PCN is issued

For PCNs issued for bus lane violations and moving traffic contraventions

  • £130; reduced to £65 if paid within the appropriate discount period from the date the PCN is issued

Other additional parking charges

  • £70 to release from clamp (plus payment of the penalty charge)
  • £200 to release from pound (plus payment of the penalty charge)
  • £40 storage per day (plus payment of the penalty charge)
  • £70 disposal from the pound

CCTV enforcement

The CCTV enforcement vehicles are responsible for recording moving traffic violations such as stopping in box junctions, driving in bus lanes and making banned turns. They are also used for parking enforcement purposes to prevent parking in areas such as on footways, yellow lines and the 'keep clear' markings outside schools.

CCTV cars are considered 'exempted' vehicles under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984 and are permitted to park on yellow lines.

Although parking and traffic enforcement is a statutory duty of the Council, the above does not give the CCTV operators 'carte blanche' as to where they can park, as a police officer can act if he/she believes a vehicle is dangerously or obstructively parked. There is no legal definition for either of these. It is down to the discretion of the individual police officer.

Moving traffic contraventions

The enforcement of moving traffic contraventions is carried out using CCTV; with the illegal acts being observed in real time by community enforcement officers. Once the contravention has been captured a PCN is created and the registered keeper will receive a £130 PCN (correct at the time of printing). There is a 50% discount to £65 if the penalty is promptly paid.

Waltham Forest not only uses CCTV cameras permanently sited on roadside columns but we also use Smart cars fitted with CCTV technology and a purpose-built CCTV van. So no matter where a motorist is they will be at risk of being recorded and receiving a PCN.

PCNs for these contraventions are similar to those for parking violation and breaches in bus lane regulations in that, in the majority of cases, it is the registered keeper who is liable for the PCN, not  the driver (unless the keeper is driving when the contravention is captured).

The Council is making positive moves in improving safety on the boroughs roads. Statistics show that we are reducing the number of casualties each year through education and traffic management. The enforcement of moving traffic violations is seen as a further tool to help maintain the positive steps already made.

Anyone wishing to report repeated contraventions in their road or area can do so either online or by phoning 0845 331 2392 and selecting option 5.

View CCTV footage relating to your PCN

During the month of February 2012, CCTV evidence viewing had been transferred to a dedicated web service that allows access to both images and video footage relating to an alleged contravention. This service is now available for use 24 hours daily.

Please note: This service will not be available for any PCNs that were issued before February 2012 and may not apply to all PCNs that were issued throughout the month of February 2012. However, all alleged contravention evidence that was captured from 1 March 2012 will be available for viewing on the web service.

If your PCN was issued in February 2012 you are welcome to check to see if your evidence was transferred to the web.

To view the CCTV footage of your alleged contravention online please see:

If your contravention footage is not available online you will have to contact the parking control office to arrange to view parking/traffic enforcement camera images relating to an alleged contravention at Walthamstow Town Hall. Please phone 0845 331 2392 and select option 4. Please note that a minimum of three working days notice is required for an appointment to be made.

If you or a person nominated by you wish to view a recording, you can only do so at:

Walthamstow Town Hall
Forest Road
E17 4JF

Appointment are between 10am-4pm Monday to Friday.

Before viewing the evidence you must present:

  1. Vehicle registration document
  2. One proof of ID (driving licence or passport)
  3. One proof of address (for example a. current utility bill or bank statement)

Enforcement AgentsBailiff enforcement

At this stage your PCN is unpaid and a warrant of execution has been authorised by the Traffic Enforcement Centre at Northampton County Court and passed to a bailiff for collection.

Waltham Forest Parking Services currently use the bailiff companies listed below. If you wish to query an enforcement action please contact the baliff enforcing your warrent of execution.

JBW Group

PO BOX 50218
London  EC2A 3NN
Tel 0844 576 3620
Fax 0844 576 3621

Newlyn PLC

PO BOX 933
Northampton  NN1 9DX
Tel 01604 633 001
Fax 01604 621096

Task Enforcement

PO BOX 66480
Walthamstow  E17 0PB
Tel 0845 6800 581
Fax 020 8527 2315


42-44 Henry Street
Northampton  NN1 4BZ
Tel 01604 250 116
Fax 01604 663 489

Should you wish to make inquiries with the Traffic Enforcement Centre, please call them on: 0300 123 1059.

Clamping and removals

If you have an outstanding PCN that has gone to warrant stage and your vehicle has been clamped and removed by one of our bailiffs, please see Bailiff Enforcement section for contact details.

If you do not have an outstanding PCN that has gone to warrant stage and your vehicle has been impounded please phone our car pound on 0845 331 2392 and selecting option 1. Opening hours Monday-Saturday 7am-12am, Sunday 8am-8pm;

For out of hours release phone 0845 331 2392 and select option 1

Or visit/write to:

Stonehill Industrial Park
Harbet Road
Edmonton N18 3HQ

If your vehicle as been removed as an abandoned vehicle, enquiries should be made in writing to:

Waltham Forest - Abandoned Vehicles
Town Hall Complex
Forest Road
Walthamstow E17 4JS

Tel 020 8496 3000

You can report an abandoned/untaxed vehicle online or contact Waltham
Forest Direct on 020 8496 3000.

Local enforcement services

The Council offers a range of enforcement services to resident and other members of the public. Services include implementing parking restrictions, installing new control parking zones, reactive parking enforcement, issuing parking dispensations and suspensions and other bespoke services. If you cannot find the solution to your parking problem please contact Waltham Forest Parking Services with your queries or requests using the contact details provided.

Request a controlled parking zone in your area

Residents have the right to apply for the Council to install a new controlled parking zone (CPZ) in their area. Applications will be subject to an assessment and consultation with residents located around the proposed zone. Requests should be made in writing to :

Waltham Forest - Traffic Section
Public Realm
Environment and Regeneration
Low Hall
Argall Avenue
Leyton  E10 7AS
Tel: 0208 496 3000
Fax: 0208 521 3577

Request parking enforcement in your area

If you need to request enhanced parking enforcement in your area due to continuous abuse by road users contact the Parking Services help line on 0854 331 2392 and select option 5. 

Parking suspensions and dispensations

A temporary parking restriction is sometimes required for activities such as road works, special deliveries and household removals.

A Parking Suspension is required to restrict parking in signed and marked parking bays in CPZs and other places where parking bays and yellow lines are marked on the street.

A Parking Dispensation is required to permit a vehicle to park at a restricted location (a yellow line or a parking bay) for a specified time period.

In places where there are no existing parking bays or yellow lines a Temporary Traffic Order may be required in order to restrict parking.

Leyton Orient match day parking

Although the football club is not situated within a controlled parking area, on match days parking restrictions are put in place in and around the surrounding area. Restrictions can be identified by the signage on the restricted streets.

The times of match day parking restrictions are:

  • Saturdays or Sundays 11am-6pm
  • Mondays to Fridays 6-10:30pm
  • Weekdays that fall on a bank holiday 11am-6pm

Details of fixtures can be viewed on the Leyton Orient website.

Enforcement of match day restrictions by the issue of penalty notices and vehicle removals will take place at all Leyton Orient home fixtures.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

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