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Report faulty street lighting

Last updated 26 February 2014

The Council is responsible for the upkeep and repair of approximately 18,000 street lights, illuminated signs and other electrical street furniture.

Report a faulty street light

To report a damaged or faulty lamp column, make a note of the location and if possible the lamp column number. The street light number is displayed:

  • About 1.5 metres (5ft) above the ground and facing towards the road
  • It may contain letters as well as numbers ie 3, WF3 or 3H and sometimes they are positioned vertically
    The letter is important in identifying who is responsible for the repair

You can report a problem with a street light or an illuminated sign via our online form.

If you are unable to complete our online form please email, call 020 8496 3000, or visit our Customer Services Centre or a Library Plus for advice on how to complete the form. 

The Council's responsibilities

The Council's Highway Maintenance Group is responsible is responsible for maintaining and repairing street lights, and fixing lighting faults including illuminated bollards, signs and beacons.

Providing public lighting is not a statutory function. However, councils do have a duty to maintain public lighting where it has been installed.

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