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Reporting a council house repair

Last updated 8 April 2013

Ascham Homes, on behalf of the Council, are responsible for structural repairs to council property, for repairs to essential supplies (water, gas, electricity etc.) or any repairs where they may be a risk to health or safety.

Reporting a repair

When you report a repair, we will need to know your name, address, contact details and as much detail about the problem as you can give us.

If the repair is Ascham Homes’ responsibility, you will be given a ‘job number’ which you should keep; it will help us deal with any queries quickly if you need to get in touch with us again about the repair.

If the problem has been caused by crime, please report it to the police and give us the crime reference number. If you don’t give us this number, you are more likely to have to pay for the repair.


On 020 8496 4197. You can report repairs on this number 24 hours a day.

In person


Cedar Wood House
2d Fulbourne Road
Willow House
869 Forest Road
Walthamstow E17 4UH


By reporting a repair online


Send an email to


Send a letter to:

Cedar Wood House
2d Fulbourne Road
Walthamstow E17 4GG

What Ascham Homes does

Ascham Homes maintains your home with their repairs partners Osborne Ltd, who carry out responsive repairs, voids management and planned maintenance, and Aston Heating for all specialist mechanical and electrical services, on behalf of the landlord, Waltham Forest Council.

They are responsible for maintaining many parts of your home and your estate or block. They have to maintain the structure and outside of all buildings, including the drains and gutters. They will only carry out those repairs that landlords must carry out by law. Please help them to help you by allowing staff into your home to complete repairs. If you do not allow them into your home, they may take legal action against you for breaking your tenancy agreement.

If they carry out a repair that you are responsible for, or you have caused, for example if you lose your front door key and they have to force entry, or cause damage to your home, they may charge you for the cost of the job before they start it, including an administration charge. You may be able to reclaim the cost of a rechargeable repair through your contents insurance. It's up to you to check your policy details to see if you are covered for accidental damage.

Once you have applied to buy your property under the Right to Buy scheme, Ascham Homes will only carry out repairs as defined by Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985. These include repairs to the structure and outside of the premises. It also covers repairs needed to the heating, water supply and toilet systems.

More information

For more information about the repairs process and responsibilities please visit the repairs section of the Ascham Homes website.

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Contact details

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    Cedar Wood House 2d Fulbourne Road
    E17 4GG
    Phone: 020 8496 4197, 8am–6pm, Monday to Friday
    Mob: 020 8226 2631, emergencies out of hours