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Parking bays for disabled people

Last updated 13 July 2015

What is a disabled parking bay?

Disabled parking bays help disabled people who drive themselves and need to park as close to their property as possible.

Bays are discretionary and are provided to alert other drivers of the need for a disabled person to park there. We do not provide enforceable bays.

Eligibility – do I qualify for one?

Each application is assessed on its merit taking into account the following:

  • The applicant is in possession of a valid Blue Badge
  • Own or use a vehicle registered at your address
  • You do not have access to off-street parking, driveway or garage at the address
  • Be receiving either Disability Living Allowance with the highest mobility component or if you are over 65, the highest rate of Attendance Allowance.
  • If you receive Personal Independence Payment (PIP). This helps with some of the extra costs caused by long-term ill-health or a disability if you’re aged 16 to 64. The amount of help that you get depends on how your condition affects you, not the condition itself. If you score 8 points or more on the 'Moving around' activity list you will be eligible. Anyone who applies for Disability Living Allowance through the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) will now be assessed under the Personal Independence Payment scheme (PIP). More information about PIP

How do I apply for a Disabled Parking Bay?

Once completed, the application and supporting evidence can be returned as follows:

By post to:

The Mobility Team
Waltham Forest Town Hall
Forest Road
Walthamstow E17 4JF

The Mobility Team is unable to see personal callers.

You will need to supply the following along with your application:

  • Proof of residency
  • Proof of benefit
  • A copy of the vehicle registration documents with the proof that the car is registered at your address

Other information

  • We need to mark the space in a ‘safe’ part of the road, so that your car does not become a road hazard by parking there
  • The road marking is a courtesy bay only and is not enforceable in law. Therefore you cannot insist that other people do not use your parking bay
  • Markings will be removed when the disabled person moves away

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