Last updated 24 November 2015

You can complain about Council services or staff behaviour by completing the online complaints form below.​​​​​​

Complain about Council Services

Please note:

  • If you have an issue with how a service has been delivered, such as a missed rubbish collection, and this is the first time that you're contacting us, we would treat this as a service request and not a complaint.
  • Social Services and schools have their own complaints process

The complaints process


We send an acknowledgement to you within 3 working days of receiving your complaint. This applies to all complaints.

Stage 1 - Responding to your complaint

We will send a response within 20 working days from receiving your complaint.

Please note:

Responses to Stage 1 complaints about services provided by Waltham Forest Housing (formerly Ascham Homes) will be issued within 10 working days.

Responses to Statutory Social Services complaints in relation to Children’s Services are also issued within 10 working days.

Escalating your complaint

If you're unhappy with the first response to your complaint, then you can escalate this to a stage 2 complaint using the online form.

Complain about a Council service

When you complete the form, please tell us that it’s a stage 2 complaint and provide the reference number of the original Stage 1 complaint. This will speed up the process of logging and acknowledging your complaint.

Please note:

There is no Stage 2 escalation process for Statutory Social Services complaints about Adult Social Care. When the Stage 1 process is completed, you can escalate your complaint to the Local Government Ombudsman

The Local Government Ombudsman or Housing Ombudsman Service

If you've been through the stage 1 and 2 corporate complaints process and you're still unhappy with the Council's response you can escalate to the Ombudsman.

We'll tell you which Ombudsman to contact as part of our response to your complaint.

Why some issues can’t be dealt with using the Council’s complaint process

There are a number of instances where a complaint can’t be dealt with using the Council’s complaints process. This is usually due to statutory or legal reasons.

Exceptions to the Council complaints process

Help with complaining

You may need help making a complaint. You can ask a friend, relative, voluntary or community group, Member of Parliament or Councillor to help you as an 'advocate'.

You need to provide us with written and signed authorisation at the time that your complaint is made.​​

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