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Becoming a childminder

Last updated 31 March 2014

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Information and support for those interested in becoming a registered childminder and those who are already registered.

Becoming a childminder

The Childcare Act 2006 requires local authorities to secure sufficient childcare provision for the needs of working parents in their area for children up to the age of 14 (or 17 for disabled children).

In order for prospective childminder’s to fully understand the requirements of running a childminding business, we require all prospective childminders to read:


    1. The EYFS Framework which can be downloaded from This framework covers all the legal, statutory obligations that Ofsted will expect you to meet as childminder, including the policies and procedures you will need to put in place and adhere to.

    2.   All of the  Early Years & Childcare policies and procedures section on the    Waltham Forest Education website which can be found at This outlines all of the legal and statutory requirements that have to be met as a registered childminder including those that are outside the remit of Ofsted such as HMRC, Health & Safety, Duty of Care, Employment Law, Equality, Building & Planning and data protection regulations.

Once you have completed all of the above, and can demonstrate you are able to meet all of these requirements the Childcare team will:

a)     Advise you about demand in your area - we are currently only recruiting in Walthamstow and in certain areas in Leytonstone

b)    Signpost you to the Local Authority approved training

c)     Tell you about the support available

Training consists of three courses and costs approximately £230 in total. It lasts for three months. In order to attend the training, you will need to have a certain level of literacy, so there will be a literacy assessment. You will be required to reach a minimum of Level 1. We will signpost you to ESOL classes if we feel you would benefit.

Once your training is complete, we will start your registration with Ofsted and support you through the registration process and beyond.  Registration can take up to six months, although 8-12 weeks is the norm. Please be aware that Ofsted will ask you for proof that you have completed a Local Authority approved course when they visit you and we give them the names of child-minders who have not complied with this.

If once you have completed 1 & 2 above and wish to progress with registering as a child-minder, please call Elizabeth Freer, the Childminding Business Support Officer on 020 8496 3577 or email


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