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Last updated 23 October 2015

Every birth must be registered within 42 days of the baby being born.

How do I register a birth?

You should register a birth in the district where the baby was born. If your baby was born in Waltham Forest, please make an appointment using our online booking system​. 

Appointments can be held at:

Please be on time for your appointment. If you are late your appointment will be rebooked.

How much will it cost?

Registering a birth is free. When you register you will be issued with a short version certificate which contains only the baby's details.

For a full version certificate containing the parent's details, the costs are as follows:

You can buy a full certificate containing the parent’s details for £4 per copy.

You will be asked for payment by debit or credit card for your certificates when you make your booking.

You will be able to purchase additional certificates at your registration appointment. Certificates ordered after the day of registration are more expensive.

If you need a copy of a birth certificate, read our copy certificate information for costs and how to apply.

More information

Read the GOV.UK guide to registering a birth for more information, including:

  • What you should bring to your appointment
  • Who can register a birth
  • Birth certificates
  • Organisations to contact about the birth (such as Child Benefit)

Registering a baby not born in Waltham Forest

To register a baby in Waltham Forest who was born outside of the borough, you must give details of the birth by declaration.

How does declaration work?

  • We will take details of the registration
  • We will post them to the Registrar of the area where the baby was born
  • The Registrar in that office will make the entry in the birth register
  • They will forward the free short birth certificate to you by post
  • Full birth certificates can be purchased for £4 each however payment can only be made by cheque or postal order, payable to the receiving Register Office

Allow at least 7 working days from giving the birth declaration to receiving the documents. If you have not received anything after this time, contact the Register Office for the area in which the birth took place.

I don't speak English

If you do not speak English, you must bring an interpreter with you. This can be a family member or friend who has command of the English language.

Please note: We can't arrange an interpreter for you.​​​​​​

Further questions

If the information above has not answered your questions, you can complete an online enquiry form to contact the Registry Office.

Click here to complete a Registrars enquiry form

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