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Council Tax and Benefits information not available on eCitizen between 27 February - 4 March

Council Tax and Benefits information will not be available on the eCitizen portal between Friday 27 February - Wednesday 4 March due to processing for the end of the financial year.

We would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

Street care and cleaning

Drainage: Help and advice

The local authority provides help and advice on highway drainage, land drainage or private drainage and may arrange for clearance of a blocked drain.

Public toilets

Provision of public conveniences. Where these are provided the local authority is also responsible for maintenance and cleaning of the ...

Removing dead animals

The Council will remove dead animals from publicly accessible areas.

Report abandoned shopping trolleys

How to deal with abandoned shopping trolleys.

Report dog fouling

Anyone who lets a dog foul a public area is committing an offence.

Report fly posting

The local authority has enforcement responsibility for illegally posted advertisements, leaflets etc on both council and privately owned property in the

Report fly tipping

The Council has responsibility for acting on reports of flytipping to both remove the waste and to locate and prosecute the offenders. Where the waste

Report graffiti

Report graffiti to the Council for removal.

Report vandalism

The local authority implement measures aimed at preventing vandalism within the area (CCTV, wardens, improved street lighting etc.) and ...

Street cleaning

Possible disruption to street cleaning service 7 July ​Waltham Forest welcomes Le Tour de France on 7 July. There are likely to be disruptions to services