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Schools and colleges

Consultation on proposal to expand Holy Family and Heathcote schools by two forms of entry

For more information please see out consultation page.

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Complain about a school

How to complain about a school.

Free school meals

Free school meals for children whose families are on benefits.

Applying for a nursery school place

Nursery education is offered to children aged four in community maintained nursery classes and schools and are for two and a half hour sessions per week

Applying for a primary school place

If your child was born between 1 September 2011 and 31 August 2012, you will need to apply for a primary school place for them for September 2016.

Applying for a secondary school place

Deadline for applying for a secondary school place The deadline to apply for a secondary school place is 31 October.

Cycling and walking to school

Encouraging children and young people to walk or cycle to school keeping them fit and helping the environment.

Exclusion of pupils

A headteacher may decide to permanently exclude a pupil to protect the education or welfare of the pupils and staff in the school.

Free schools in Waltham Forest

Information on free schools in the Borough including how to express an interest on setting a free school up.

Music Service

Waltham Forest Music Service (WFMS) provides music tuition in many of the borough’s schools. We provide tuition in singing and a wide variety of instruments

Religious education

In each Local Authority (LA), there is a SACRE with responsibility for determining the syllabus for religious education (RE) in schools and to offer advice

School breakfast clubs

Provision of breakfast for pupils in schools.

School closures

Information about non-routine school closures (eg for bad weather) and how pupils and parents will be advised about such occurrences.

School governors

School governors are typically volunteers from the school's community. They must be aged 18 or over at the date of their election or ...

School meals

Schools in Waltham Forest offer children a hot lunchtime meal.

Schools admissions appeals

If your child isn't offered a place at one of the schools you listed on your application, you can appeal this decision to an independent panel

Schools and colleges in Waltham Forest

A list of all the schools and colleges in Waltham Forest.

Schools energy efficiency programme

Helping schools to make better use of the energy the use.

Section 251 schools budget and outturn statements

Annual budget and spending information on schools and central children's services.

Travelling people: Support for children

Help and support for Travellers children.

Schools Forum

Schools Forums have a consultative role in relation to the local distribution of school funding.