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Recycling, rubbish and waste

19 November: Ordering new recycling bins - no large recycling bins in stock

There are currently no large recycling bins in stock. You can order additional small bins however.

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Collections for large items

Green bin recycling

Recycling centres

  • South Access Road, Walthamstow
    Accepts mixed household items including bulky items and recyclables. This site does not accept trade waste.
  • Kings Road, Chingford
    Only accepts sorted, household recyclable waste. This site does not accept trade waste.
  • Gateway Road, Leyton
    Accepts household recyclables. Residents can recycle domestic construction waste including bricks, concrete and paving stones, but not soil or tarmac.
  • Find your closest recycling centre
    Insert your postcode and select the recycling centres link under Places and Services.

Black bin waste

  • Find your next collection date
    Insert your postcode and look at the places and services near me tab to find out more information about your collection day and the next collection date.
  • Report a missed bin collection
    Please note that reports should not be made if the bin was not left at the boundary of the property by 6am and there were items in the bin that should not have been there such as rubble or glass.
  • Request a new bin or bag
    Complete the form to request a new bin, bag or kitchen caddy.

    Please note,
    19 November: There are currently no large recycling bins in stock. You can order additional small bins however.

Brown bin waste

A to Z of waste and recycling

Help to put your bin out

  • Apply for an assisted collection
    An assisted collection service is provided free to residents who, through disability, ill health or mobility problems, are unable to wheel their bins to the front boundary of their property and do not have anyone else to assist them. 

Trade and hazardous waste

  • Trade waste
    Find out more about trade waste contractors and the Duty of Care for businesses to dispose of their waste through authorised trade waste collection services
  • Hazardous waste
    Arrange a collection for substances such as asbestos, chemicals, petrol and pesticides.

Real nappies subsidy

  • Real nappies
    We offer parents £54.14 subsidy off their purchase of real nappies.

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