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Elected representatives

How the Council operates

How Waltham Forest Council operates and makes decisions.

Cabinet Members

Details of the Council's lead Members.

Community ward forums

Details of community ward forum meetings.

Council decision making

How the Council makes decisions.

Council meetings, minutes, agendas and membership

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Councillors' declarations of interest

Local councillors have to abide by a code of conduct part of which requires them to declare any interests, gifts or hospitality which they ...

Ethical Framework and Standards

The London Borough of Waltham Forest recognises that promoting high ethical standards is the cornerstone of good governance and maintains public confidence

How to stand in an election

Information on the process of electoral nominations (how to stand in an election),

Latest election results

Publication of the results of all local elections in a variety of formats to make them accessible to all members of the community.

Overview and Scrutiny

Scrutiny committees check Council decisions to ensure that they are practical, fair and being made in the best interest of the community.

The forward plan

Each council is required to provide a forward plan of key decisions to be made by the executive. The plan is required to cover a period of ...

The Mayor

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Waltham Forest's MPs, GLA members and MEPs

Information about elected local representatives and MEPs, their roles, how they are elected and where to find out who are your current representatives.

Your local councillor

Information on councillors, including who they are, the area they represent and what ...