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Council housing

Information about Council housing

Information about council housing, including the housing register, allocation priorities, and how to apply.

Apply for Council housing

Information about the housing register and the allocation of preference points as well as how to apply for Council housing and advise of change in circumstances.

Housing Benefit: How to apply

Help for people to pay their rent.

Housing Benefit: Changes in your circumstances

You must tell us about any changes that happen to you or the people living with you as this may affect the benefit you get.

Council rent setting

The local authority is responsible for setting the level of rent based on how much it needs to spend on services for its tenants. Rents ...

Help with home improvements and repairs

Support for vulnerable residents to carry out repairs, adaptations and home improvements.

Housing advice

Advice on housing related matters including domestic violence, tenancies, debt advice, welfare benefits, rent and repairs.

Housing renovation grants

The house renovation grants scheme provides council tenants with financial assistance towards the cost of home improvements.

Mutual exchange

Information for tenants wishing to move through mutual exchange or useful transfer.

Reporting a council house repair

How to report a Council house repair.

Tenancy succession

Information about succeeding a Council tenancy.

Tenant participation

How Council tenants can help get involved in how their homes and estates are managed, with the aim of improving housing services and the and quality of

The Council's social housing policy

The needs, resources, options and priorities for housing in the borough

Welfare reforms: Changes to the benefits system

The Welfare Reform Act 2012 contains provisions that will see the abolition of: Council Tax Benefit Some elements of the Discretionary Social Fund and