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Love Your Borough Awards 2014


The annual Love Your Borough Awards give the Council the opportunity to celebrate the work that residents, groups, businesses, charities and the emergency services do to improve the physical environment and quality of life for everyone in Waltham Forest.

Heroines and heroes, volunteers, campaigners, good neighbours and lifesavers are to be honoured at the annual Love Your Borough Awards in April 2014.


We are pleased to announce the shortlist for the Love Your Borough Awards  2014. Thank you to all those who nominated, and for those that have been shortlisted, good luck!
1. Citizen of the Year Award - Sponsored by Urbaser

Stephen Barnabis
Alison Jones – Shapeshifter Productions
Graham Hodgkiss

2. Uniformed Service Hero Award - Sponsored by JB Riney

Firefighter Robin McGregor - Leytonstone Green Watch
Tom Emerson – Royal Army
Stuart Fitzsimon – London Ambulance Service
Firefighter Jermaine Coleman - Leytonstone White Watch

3. Volunteer Group of the Year Award - Sponsored by Gristwood and Toms
WFW (Waltham Forest Welcomer Event Volunteer Group)
Barry Coidan – Chair, Milton Road Residents Association
Artillery c/o The Mill 7-11 Coppermill Lane E17 7HA
4. Improving Your Neighbourhood Award - Sponsored by NSL
Bob Allan
Bushwood Area Residents Association (BARA)
Peter Wilkins                         
5. Health and Well-being Award - sponsored by Circle Housing 

Petra Hoehfurtner
Wellspring Wisdom
6.  Making Waltham Forest Safer Award - Sponsored by NPS
The Council's PREVENT Team (Jena Musa and Lyndsey Phillips)
PC Mike Halpin
Detective Sergeant Tammy Dempsey
Watch Manager Sean Canavan and Fire Fighter Kerry Anderson.
7. Sporting Inspiration Award - Sponsored by Cartledge and GLL

Ian Moody
Georgina Harper
Friends of Langthorne Park 
8. Leader's Individual Award - Sponsored by Hill Partnerships 
9. Team of the Year - Sponsored by Bouygues UK and Kelway
10. Employee of the Year - Sponsored by CDS
Details for the above awards to be announced on the night.