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Apply for it

Apply for assistance from the Social Fund Scheme

Make an application for financial and other assistance to help you through a crisis.

Apply for council housing

Apply to join the Waltham Forest Housing Register.

Apply for a job at Waltham Forest Council

View our job vacancies and submit an application form.

Apply for Housing Benefit

You can claim Housing Benefit if you are on a low income or are unemployed.

Free school meals

Contact our Free School Meals team to find out if you your child is eligible for free school meals.

Apply for Local Housing Allowance

Apply for help with the cost of your rent.

Apply for Council Tax Support

Make an application for Council Tax Support if you are on a low income or get state benefits.

Apply for assisted refuse collection

Make an application for an assisted refuse collection if you are ill or infirm, have no one else to assist you and are unable to put out your waste.

Apply for a repossessed property exemption

If your property has been repossessed then you can apply for a Council Tax exemption.

Apply for an exemption for properties left empty if a person has died

Council Tax exemption if you now live on your own due to your partner passing away or a property has been left empty due to the occupier passing away.

Apply for Council Tax discount / exemption for persons with severe mental impairment

If you are the relative or carer of a resident with severe mental impairment then complete this form for Council Tax discount.

Apply for a Council Tax exemption for persons receiving care elsewhere

This exemption can apply where someone has moved elsewhere to receive care which is not a hospital, nursing home, hostel or care home.

Parking suspension application form

Parking suspension is where parking is currently permitted and you wish to suspend it to undertake either works on the highway, or an adjacent location.

Apply for a school place

Apply for a school place for your child.

Request a new bin or recycling bag

Tell us if you need a new bin or recycling bag for refuse, recycling or trade.

Make a request for street cleansing

Fill in this form to ask for a street to be cleaned

Adopt a flower bed

Please complete this form to apply to adopt a tree or flowerbed.

Apply for a discount/exemption for person held in prison or hospital

You can apply for an exemption if you have left your property empty due to being detained in prison, hospital or other place of detention.

Apply for Council Tax exemption

Select a Council Tax exemption that you wish to apply for.

Apply to receive your bills online and register for self service

Register for an account to view online details for Council Tax, Housing and Council Tax Support, Landlord and Business Rates.

Informal challenge to a Penalty Charge Notice: Pre-Notice to Owner

Please fill in this form to provide details of your informal parking challenge.

Formal representation following receipt of Notice to Owner

This form must be completed by the registered keeper. No response will be sent to a third party.

Parking challenge: a clamp or removal

Please provide your your representation details. If this form is received after the Notice to Owner has been issued, this challenge will be processed as a formal representation.

Submit a planning application

Submit a planning application through The Planning Portal, the Government’s official planning website.

Submit an enforcement enquiry

Use the form to make a service request regarding enforcement.

Freedom of Information request

Make a request for Information from the London Borough of Waltham Forest.

Apply for a student discount/exemption on Council Tax

If there is more than one adult living in the property who is a full time student, they will each need to complete a form and upload their certificates.

Parking dispensation

Apply to park on a restriction at a specific location and a specific time and day.

Register to vote

Register to vote in local and national elections.

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

Apply for Discretionary Housing Payments

Sign up to get Waltham Forest News by email

Read Waltham Forest News, the Council's newspaper, online.

Apply for a Blue Badges / Parking permits for disabled people

The Blue Badge scheme helps badge holders travel independently, as either a driver or passenger, by allowing them to park close to their destination.

Apply for help from Social Fund

You may be able to get help from the social fund to help with essential short-term expenditure if you are faced with a disaster or crisis.

Online security

All online communication is sent over a secure connection so that your personal and payment details remain safe.

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